Community and Enrichment Center



The Yuma Community and Enrichment Center was built in 1991 and can provide resources and programs for seniors, children, families and adults.

The center is currently improving the structure and usage of the facility to offer quality programs for parents, children and families offered year round. Thorough 2021 we hope to become a neighborhood "hub" with access to a wide range of ages like meal services, gathering space, continuous learning opportunities, inclusive and open to all. The center plans to create many programs including improved opportunities that contribute to an active, healthy and flourishing community.

We have a fitness center and group fitness classes. We are currently establishing opportunities to provide healthy cooking seminars, a community garden, after school homework help, and tutoring, kid's day camps and much more! We aim to develop a family-friendly facility that meets leisure, social, sport, fitness and educational needs to enhance a sense of community and a place for social interaction

You can reserve different rooms to cater to a small group or a group of up to 50 people for a few hours or for the whole day.

If you are interested in reserving a room, please contact us at 970-848-0407.

Because we want to cater to our entire community, we welcome any suggestions regarding curriculums that would benefit you or your family.

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