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City Manager

Scott Moore


As determined by the Yuma Home Rule Charter, the City of Yuma uses the Council-Manager form of municipal government. The Charter further establishes the City Manager as the chief executive and administrative officer of the City.The City Manager is appointed by a majority vote of the Council and serves at the pleasure of the Council.

The Manager works to add value to the community by:

Working in partnership with elected officials to develop sound approaches to community challenges by bringing together resources to make the right things happen and produce results that matter.

Bringing a community-wide perspective to policy discussions and strive to connect the past and future while focusing on the present. They help the governing body develop the long-term vision for the community that provides a framework for policy development and goal setting Promoting ethical government through commitment to a set of ethical standards that goes beyond those required by law. Managers who are members of ICMA subscribe to the organization's Code of Ethics, which requires them to affirm the dignity and worth of the services rendered by government and maintain . . . a deep sense of social responsibility as a trusted public servant.


Encouraging inclusion and build consensus among diverse interests (including those of elected officials, the business community, and citizens) by focusing on the entire community rather than the centralized interests of one or two individuals Promoting equity and fairness by ensuring that services are fairly distributed and that administrative decisions (such as hiring and contracting) are based on merit rather than favoritism.

Developing and sustaining organizational excellence and promoting innovation. Professional managers focus relentlessly on efficient and equitable service delivery, policy implementation, and evaluation. They align the local government's administrative systems with the values, mission, and policy goals defined by the community and elected officials.

--Adapted from ICMA's Council-Manager Form of Government Frequently Asked Questions pamphlet

Scott Moore
320 South Main Street
P.O. Box 265
Yuma, CO 80759

970.848.3878 ext. 2107
970.848.5101 (Fax)

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