Historic Preservation Committee


Local Preservation Plan

The City of Yuma contains buildings that have historical importance, however, there has not been a process in place for a local designation. The Certified Local Government designation encourages this process. The members of the City of Yuma Historic Preservation Commission have determined that the initial plan for historic preservation will focus on the identification of potentially eligible sites or properties, designing application forms, identifying local historical research of documentation to support designation processes and the education of the public, property owners and the community on the attributes of historical preservation.


  • Identification of eligible sites in the City of Yuma
  • Obtain guidance on and financial assistance for conducting a new survey to establish an inventory and to update existing information. 
  • Develop interpretive signage for Historic Places

Local Designation Application Forms

  • Define information and forms necessary for the application for consideration of historical designation.

Identification of Resources to Support Historical Designation or Research

  • Inventory files and materials available through Yuma County and the State of Colorado
  • Newspaper archives 
  • Local government documentation, County Clerk & Recorder, City Building inspector, City Clerk


  • Utilize historic preservation materials for public information.
  • Identify and encourage property owners of eligible properties and inform them of opportunities and the process for historical designation.

City of Yuma Historic Preservation Committee Review Application

The records for the Historical Preservation Committee are of public record.  If you would like to access any of this information, please contact Jeanne at the Yuma Public Library at 970-848-2368. 

The current list of locally designated properties is available at the Yuma Public Library. 

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