Electric Meters


Itron Meters

The City of Yuma uses electronic radio read meters. 

Risk of RF Exposure

The risk of RF exposure from the electronic meters is minimal. The RF exposure from one yard away from the meter is 0.000015 milliwatts per square centimeter. You will get more RF exposure from your cell phone, microwave, Wi-Fi signals and from your average person. The human body gives off a RF of 0.0003, that is 20 times greater than the RF the meter will emit. Also, the RF from a cell phone is 12,667 times greater than the meter. Therefore these electronic meters are not dangerous.

Tampering with Meters

Tampering with a meter is against the law and is equivalent to shop lifting, it can result in back paying and fines.

All property of the City installed in or upon consumer's premises used and useful in supplying service is placed there under consumer's protection. The consumer will be held responsible for the breaking of seals, tampering or interfering with the City's meter or meters or other equipment of City installed on consumer's premises, and no one except employees of the City will be allowed to make any repairs or adjustments to any meter or other piece of apparatus belonging to the City except in case of an emergency.

If you see a broken meter seal or a damaged meter, call City Hall at 970-848-3878.