Trap Neuter Return (TNR) Program


The TNR program had a successful launch in February 2020 with the help of Metro Denver CAT and local veterinarians, Dr. Parks and Dr. Kuntz. The City was able to trap 45 feral cats that were spayed/neutered, given vaccines and returned back to their locations. Our veterinarians were happy to report the majority of cats were in very good health. The City of Yuma continues the TNR program from February to October every year.  As of August 2023 we have trapped, neutered and returned over 264 feral cats.

The City of Yuma will continue the TNR process with monthly trap days and follow the TNR program from Metro Denver CAT.

The following was written by Anna Murrin of Metro Denver CAT and explains more about their mission and what The City of Yuma is committed to:

Metro Denver CAT is a nonprofit organization which began as a coalition of animal welfare organizations working together to make Denver a place where cats are valued and cared for by an engaged community. With the support of many community partners, we have operated our collaborative and innovative program model to link residents with animal welfare services for cats in high-need neighborhoods of Denver since January 2016. We have been able to help 5,000 cats from these areas with services including spay/neuter and vaccines in just over four years. Our small staff facilitates door-to-door outreach and fosters neighborhood connections which allow us to efficiently address the most pressing animal welfare problems facing residents.  
Metro Denver CAT’s focused community programs apply animal welfare best practices to create custom solutions for the cats we serve, including:

  • Comprehensive, free trap-neuter-vaccinate-return for feral cats
  • Rescue and placement of adoptable cats and kittens at partner organizations 

As we’ve made significant progress for cats in Denver communities, we have been able to broaden our reach through a mentorship program for rural partner cities. Yuma is the first community to complete the mentorship program and launch its own focused trap-neuter-return program based on the Metro Denver CAT model.  

Local veterinarians, Dr. Tom Parks, DVM and Dr. Catherine Kuntz, DVM of Prairie Winds Vet Clinic explain how the TNR cats were vetted:

All cats trapped were thoroughly examined while under general anesthesia for the safety of both staff and animals. The cats each received a Rhinotracheitus-Calici-Panleukopenia vaccine and Rabies vaccine.  Each cat was then spayed/neutered, and any other medical conditions were treated. All cats were given pain medication that stays in their system approximately 96 hours. They were then held overnight and released the next day following final examination by our licensed veterinarians.

The City of Yuma looks forward to continue working with our local veterinarians and have healthier feral cats in our community.

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