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Ordinances and Permits



Section 8.080.020: A.  The burning of refuse garbage or other combustible matter, whether in ash pits or other receptacles, or on the ground or in any other manner whatsoever, by any business or commercial establishment within the city, is declared to be a nuisance and is prohibited.
B:  The Yuma Chief of Police is authorized to permit a temporary suspension of the ban on burning of tumbleweeds only, within the City limits, in circumstances wherein he or she has been presented with competent evidence that accumulation of tumbleweeds endanger the public health, safety, convenience and general welfare.  This temporary suspension of the ban on burning shall be allowed for individual residential lots only, and shall authorize with certain restrictions.



Section 9.33.010:  It is unlawful for any person to write a bad check.  Anybody writing a bad check within the City of Yuma in the amount less than three hundred dollars ($300.00), knowing that the account was closed or did not have sufficient funds for the payment in-full can be charged with this crime.  Must be reported within six (6) months from the date the check was written.




Section 8.16.010: Sale and discharge of prohibited “fireworks”.  It is unlawful for any person, firm, or corporation to sell, exhibit, offer or expose for sale any articles that may explode or leave the ground such as, but not limited to; rockets, roman candles, dayglo bombs, crackers, torpedo, grenade, cans, gun, revolver, pistol, or other combustible fireworks of any kind in the city.

Exceptions are toy caps, sparklers, trick matches, cigarette loads, smoke devices, novelty auto alarms, emergency signal devices.



Section 9.12.010:  It is unlawful for any person to consume or serve within the city any alcoholic beverages upon any street, alley, park or public building.



Section 9.12.020:  It is unlawful for any person to possess or have in his possession, or under his control, any open container containing an alcoholic beverage, in, about or upon any street, alley, road, highway, sidewalk, parking lot, public way, public building, park, or public place within the city.  Unsealed containers will be considered open.



Section 9.28.010:  It is unlawful for any person under the age of eighteen (18) years to remain or loiter upon any street, alley or other public place or way subsequent to the hour of eleven o’clock (11:00) P.M. or prior to the hour of five o’clock (5:00) A.M., except for lawful employment or reasonable necessity or such person is accompanied by the parent, guardian or other person of the age of twenty-one (21) years having the permission of the parent or guardian who has the care and custody  of such child.



Section 9.16.050:  It is unlawful to loiter for the purpose of begging; unlawful gambling with cards, dice, or other gambling paraphernalia; solicite another for prostitution; linger on school property not having any legitimate reason for being there or having written permission from a school administrator; linger with one or more persons for the purpose of unlawfully using or possessing a narcotic or dangerous drug; linger about any place owned or maintained by a governmental entity supported by property taxes without any specific legitimate reason for being there.



Section MTC 109:  It is unlawful to drive toy vehicles, go-peds, motorized skate boards, rollerblades, go-carts or similar devices to go upon any roadway except while crossing a highway in a crosswalk.  If you own a motorized toy vehicle, you are not allowed to operate-it on the city streets of Yuma.


Application for Neighborhood Utility Vehicle Permit