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Municipal Court




City of Yuma Municipal Court is held at the Yuma Police Department located at 216 East 3rdStreet. City Court starts at 9:00am on the given date.

Everyone has the right to appear and contest any written city citation issued by a Yuma Police Officer or City of Yuma Code Enforcement Officer. Before your case is discussed with the judge, everyone is read their legal rights as a citizen. If an Officer‚ summons the alleged suspect to City Court that means you are required to appear before the Municipal Judge on the date cited on the ticket. If an Officer issues a penalty assessment that means the alleged suspect has the opportunity to pay the fine BEFORE the court date (paid in full penalty assessments before the court date do not require a court appearance). Failure to pay or appear may/can lead to a bench warrant signed by the Municipal Judge mandating an arrest and/or could also include a hold on your driving privileges.

If you have questions on your citation or court date, please contact the Municipal Court Clerk at 970-848-5441.

Anyone ordered to conduct Community Service through City Court must complete service by the date ordered in court. Failure to complete your Community Service could put a hold on your driving privileges. Clerk of Court is the Officer in Charge of all City Court Community Service. It is your responsibility to complete and document your approved Community Service to the court. Any questions related to Community Service should be made through 970-848-5441.