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Snow Removal Routes



Snow Removal
The City of Yuma's snow removal procedure is required so traffic can move in a safe and organized way and so that emergency vehicles can get to where they need to go. The City of Yuma's street department staff works hard to keep the roads safe to drive on during the winter. As shown on the snow route map (link attached), snow is plowed in the order of priority.  This policy is reviewed annually and adjusted as needed. 

The Street Department is in charge of keeping 3.5 miles of road in the city in good shape. During the winter, this includes clearing snow from the city's streets. It should be noted, though, that the city is not in charge of state highways, county roads, private roads, or driveways.

We use the following equipment during the snow plowing and removal process:

  • 2 Dump Trucks with snow plows (streets)
  • 2 Dump Trucks (hauling snow away)
  • 2 Pickup Trucks with plows (intersections, alleys, parking lots and streets)
  • 1 Maintainer (streets and gutters)
  • 1 Bobcat Tool Cat with broom/blower (sidewalks on main street, intersections, PD, FD, etc.)
  • 1 Skid Steer (intersections, gutters, parking lots)
  • 1 Front End Loader (large drifts, piling snow at our dump sites)

Help us-Help you

  • On residential streets, if you can, please park your car in the driveway so our snow plows can do their job better. 
  • From 4 a.m. to 8 a.m., please refrain from parking on Main Street. 

Get to know your neighbors

  • Keep a list of phone numbers on hand for emergencies.
  • Check on elderly and/or disabled neighbors during major snowstorms to be sure they do not need help.
  • Always clear your sidewalk of snow as soon as possible. It is difficult for pedestrians to walk down sidewalks full of snow and ice, but it is nearly impossible for wheelchairs.
  • Go the extra step to make sure the sidewalk on your block is clear of snow so it can be accessible to all.
  • Check out the resources available in your neighborhood; churches and other service organizations often have volunteers available to help those in need.

Residents can contribute to the removal of snow. Within twenty-four hours of a storm's conclusion, people must shovel their walkways. Also, they are responsible for clearing their own driveways after the snowplow has passed. In addition, please do not place snow on the streets. Snow that is removed must be maintained on the property, such as in the yard.

The street department of the City of Yuma really appreciates it when people call to let us know about the weather, road conditions, or emergencies. It's not possible to clear all the roads at once. During weather emergencies, people's patience and willingness to work together are very much appreciated.

Click here to view snow removal routes