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Water staff procures and maintains a reliable water supply to ensure a consistent delivery to Yuma residents. Maintaining the integrity of the distribution system, drinking water facilities and storage facilities ensures a dependable, adequate means to provide this service to our customers. You will find helpful information regarding water in Yuma by referring to our Water pages:


Our water conservation program is designed to maintain the integrity of the Ogallala Aquifer. We work with residents, business owners, school officials, teachers and the public at large to educate them about the need to conserve our nation's most precious natural resource...water.

Customer Service

The City of Yuma strives to maintain a high level of customer service. Most customer service issues revolve around the maintenance and accuracy of the customer's water meter.The water staff also provide service for customers moving in and out of the City of Yuma.


The City of Yuma\'s potable drinking water system expands over 2 square miles delivering water to approximately 3500 residents in Yuma, Colorado. Within that 2 square miles, there are 2 storage water tanks providing 1 MG of water to approximately 1600 water service connections and 150 fire hydrants.



The City of Yuma owns seven potable drinking water wells totaling 1863 acre feet (607 million gallons) of permitted water. All of these sources are disinfected using a 10% Sodium Hypochlorite solution. We are required by the State of Colorado to maintain a minimum of 0.2 mg/L residual of free chlorine leaving each water treatment site.


Consumer Confidence Report

The Consumer Confidence Report is designed to inform our consumers of potential contaminants in the drinking water. Several contaminants are tested for each year and only those detected are listed on each report.

Forms and Resources

2013 Consumer Confidence Report
2014 Consumer Confidence Report
2015 Consumer Confidence Report
2016 Consumer Confidence Report
2017 Consumer Confidence Report
2018 Consumer Confidence Report
2019 Consumer Confidence Report
2020 Consumer Confidence Report
2021 Consumer Confidence Report
2022 Consumer Confidence Report
2023 Consumer Confidence Report