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News Article

Trash Service

City of Yuma,

Our trash service is up and running, thanks to a loaner truck from Shaw Disposal. They have graciously offered one of their trucks for us to rent. Trash pick up has already began this afternoon, picking up where we left off earlier this week. Our staff will be working, Saturday, Sunday and Monday if needed to get caught up. We estimate to be back on schedule Tuesday. Thanks so much for your understanding and patience to this matter.

Temporary Disruption in Trash Collection Services

Dear Yuma Residents,
We regret to inform you that both of our trash trucks are currently experiencing mechanical issues and
are temporarily out of service. We understand that this comes at a particularly inconvenient time,
especially given the recent storm damage our community has sustained.
Please rest assured that we are working tirelessly to resolve this issue as quickly as possible. We have
already ordered the necessary parts for repairs and are actively seeking a replacement truck to minimize
any disruption to our services.


Axon Network is a company law enforcement uses that provides equipment such as body cams. The City of Yuma uses this equipment. Axon Aid is a division staffed by employees that are on a volunteer basis. This division has provided 2 drones free of charge to assess the damage in the City of Yuma this evening and tomorrow morning. The results of this should be interesting and we will share the results as soon as we receive them.   


Debris such as trees, limbs, leaves & grass can be placed in the middle of the street in a pile for the city to dispose of. PLEASE DO NOT PILE IN THE GUTTER! All other debris must be taken to the County Landfill. If you have a way to haul your own trees, limbs, leaves and grass, the city has set up a site at the City Shop for disposal. This service will be offered until further notice, but please complete your removal process in a timely manner. If you have further questions please call the City Hall at 970-848-3878 ext. 1.